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Zoons Court

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hucclecote

Historical Forms

  • Middelsond c.1230 GlR
  • the Sowne 1623 Dep
  • Sound Mere 1775 GR184
  • the Zoons Farm 1830 M
  • Soons, Soon Mere 1840 TA


Zoons Court, Middelsond c. 1230 GlR, the Sowne 1623Dep , Sound Mere 1775GR 184, the Zoons Farm 1830 M, Soons , Soon Mere 1840TA . Probably from OE  sand 'sand, sandy place', with the WMidl development to ME  sund , sound (cf. Phonol. § 7); on initial Z- cf. Phonol. § 39 (a ). OE  sund 'water, mere' (Löfvenberg 205) is unlikely phonologically. Soon Mere was west of Sandfield in Churchdown (121supra ) at grid point 143–869209 and Soons near Zoon Court at 873190 (TA 47).