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Scottsquar Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Harescombe

Historical Forms

  • Soteshore 1102,1138 Glouc
  • Sotthesora c.1135 ib
  • Sot(t)eshovera c.1130,c.1170 Glouc
  • Sotora 1131 P
  • Schottesovera c.1170 Glouc
  • Schotteshovere 13 Glouc
  • Scotchquar Hill 1830 M


The present name is an adaptation of the older one because of the presence of several old quarries on the edge of this hill (v. quarriere 'quarry'). The first el. is probably OE  scēot3 'a steep slope', and the second OE  ofer2 'hill, ridge', the compound meaning 'ridge of the steep hill', which aptly describes the steep, narrow part of the ridge between Harescombe and Pitchcombe. Shotover (O 172) has a similar origin. The modern form is one of folk-etymology.