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Acklow, Hockley Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hardwicke

Historical Forms

  • Alkeley c.1280 GlR
  • Alkeley feld 1549 Pat
  • Okeley 1661 GR123
  • Oakley, Acklow hill 1839 TA


Acklow, Hockley Hill, Alkeley c. 1280 GlR, Alkeley feld 1549 Pat, Okeley 1661GR 123, Oakley , Acklow hill 1839TA . Possibly 'Alca's clearing', v. lēah . There is an OE  pers.n. Alca (Redin 158) of doubtful origin which seems to be found also in Auckley (YW i, 44) and Awkley (iii, 120infra ); it may be a hypocoristic form of names like Alhhere (as in Alkerton 194infra ) or Alhmund (as in Elmstone 81supra or Alkington 207infra ). Fields 55–67 in TA 13, 97 locate Acklow and Oakley on Hockley Hill at grid point 143–783140. It is part of the wood called Hockley Wood (163supra ).