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Early-attested site in the Parish of Dowdeswell

Historical Forms

  • Onnan ford, æt Onnanforda 759 BCS187 orig.
  • of ánna forda, in annanford c.800 BCS299 11th
  • Aneforde 1185 Templar
  • Anneford c.1243 GlChi,31 1274 RH 1287 Ass
  • Temple Anneford 1354 Inq
  • Annesford 1327 SR
  • Temple Annford(e) 1287 QW
  • Andovere 1266,1275 Glouc
  • Andford 1586 Comm
  • Andiford 1779 Rudder
  • Anfords Bridge lying at Anford 1580 Dowd
  • Anfordes forde 1586 Comm
  • Andoversford 1777 M
  • Onnanduun 759 BCS187
  • æt Onnandune 781–98 11th ib
  • on annandune c.800 11th ib


'Anna's ford', v. ford ; the ford crossed the R. Coln . The OE  pers.n. Anna , without doubt that of the same man, occurs in other p.ns. in the vicinity, Onnanduun 759 BCS 187, æt Onnandune 781–98 (11th) ib 283, on annandune c. 800 (11th) ib 299 (v. dūn 'hill, down', identical with the f.n. Hannington infra ) and into annan crundele c. 800 (11th) ib 299 (v. crundel 'pit, quarry', referring to one of several old quarries to the north of the village); if the identification of Andovere is correct, it would also seem to be found in a third (v. ofer 2 'bank, hill'), but this may be an error for Andford . The forms Anfordes forde and later Andiford , which were subsequently influenced by Andover (Ha) or the local p.n. Andovere , referred more particularly to the ford at a time when the older name An (d )ford had come to be used of the village. Temple - from the Knights Templars who had land here (1185 Templar, cf. Templefield infra ).