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Major Settlement in the Parish of Daylesford

Historical Forms

  • Dæglesford (vadum) 718 BCS139 11th 841 11th KCD623 875 11th 979 11th
  • Deilesford 777 BCS222 14th KCD963 c.1050 c.1200
  • Dæiglæsford 914 BCS1135 12th
  • Degilesford 979 KCD623 11th
  • Dagelesford c.1050 KCD963 c.1200
  • Eilesford 1086 DB


with other forms as cited in Wo 121. 'Dægel's ford', v. ford . OE  Dægel is not recorded but it would be an -el derivative of a hypocoristic Dæga (from OE  Dægbeorht , Dægfrið , etc.), corresponding to OG  Dagalo ; it occurs also in Dallington (Nth 81).