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Chescombe Bottom

Early-attested site in the Parish of Colesborne

Historical Forms

  • Chescumbe 1227 FF
  • Chescombe 1839 TA


Chescombe Bottom, Chescumbe 1227FF , Chescombe 1839TA . This name (with Chestcombes 153supra and Chescombe in Wapley iii, 57infra ) possibly denoted 'valley where cheese was produced' (v. cēse , cumb ), but they may possibly be from some other word such as OE  ceas or ceastel 'heap' (Chescombe Bottom stands just below the great escarpment of Norbury Camp), or cēast 'dispute, strife' (since the places are on the parish boundaries). Cf. also Chesley Hill (iii, 71infra ).