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Lilley Brook, Lilley Grove

Early-attested site in the Parish of Charlton Kings

Historical Forms

  • Lillebrok 1306 Ass 1307 FF
  • le Litle hay, Lylley 1605 Comm 1606 AOMB
  • Lilleye feld, Lully breach 1606 ib


Lilley Brook, Lilley Grove, Lillebrok 1306Ass , 1307FF (p). The first el. may be the OE  pers.n. Lilia , as in Lilly Brook (D 8). But there was a place in Charlton called le Litle hay , Lylley 1605Comm , 1606AOMB , Lilleye feld , Lully breach 1606 ib, which suggests it is 'little enclosure', v. lȳtel , (ge)hæg, and brōc ; for a similar reduction cf. Lisleway (257infra ) and Milton End (175infra ); Lilley Brook is an affluent of the Chelt.