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Major Settlement in the Parish of Chaceley

Historical Forms

  • Ceatewesleah 972 BCS1282 10th
  • Chaddeslega, Chaddesleia, Chaddesleye c.1086 EveA c.1150 Wo 1331 FF
  • Cheddeslega Hy2 BM
  • Chedeslega 1167 P
  • Chadeslega, Chadesl', Chadesley 1212 Fees 1248 Ass 1354 FF
  • Chaseleia 1185 AC
  • Chaseley 1632 FF


Ekwall has suggested that the first el. of Chaceley is a PrWelsh  p.n. Cēdïw 'yew wood' or Cēdóu (Brit  cēto- with the suffix -oviā ), with OE  lēah 'clearing' added in the same way as other els. are in p.ns. like Churchdown (119infra ). This is preferable to an unrecorded OE  pers.n. Ceatwe of dubious origin suggested in Wo 192–3.Chaceley was formerly in Wo.