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Major Settlement in the Parish of Beverston

Historical Forms

  • æt Byferes stane 1048 ASC 12
  • Beurestane 1086 DB 1194 P
  • Beuerstan, Beverstan 1236 Fees
  • Beverston 1287 Ass 1303 FA 1337 Ch
  • Beouereston 1346 FF
  • Beuerstan(e), Beverstan(e) 1154 Berk 1220 Fees 1221 Ass 1269 Ipm 1287 Ass 1304 FA
  • Beverston(e) c.1175 France 13 Glouc 1274 RH 1764 PR
  • Berneston 1215 ClR
  • Bernestan 1292 Ch


'Beaver's stone', v. beofor (byfer), stān . The village stands on high ground and there is no water about, which beavers need. The name may therefore refer to some stone thought to resemble a beaver or contain the word as a pers.n.; Ekwall, Early London Personal Names 139 and Reaney 27 give ME examples of a byname; Mawer (MLR xiv, 233 ff) has discussed and illustrated this type of pers.n. from animal-names (cf. also Tengvik 358 ff).

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