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Benton Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Witham

Historical Forms

  • Breddinchou 1086 DB
  • Bredingho 1198 Cur
  • Bredigho 1199 FF
  • Briddingho 1300 Pinchbeck 1313 Ipm
  • Bridyho 1319 SR
  • Benyngtons alias Bentons 1552,1553 FF
  • Bentons alias Benningtons 1557 M 1608 LRMB
  • Bennington- Hall anciently called Breddingchou 1768 M
  • Banton Hall 1777 C 1805 O


Benton Hall is Breddinchou 1086 DB, Bredingho 1198 Cur, Bredigho 1199 FF, Briddingho 1300 Pinchbeck, 1313 Ipm, Bridyho 1319SR (p), Benyngtons alias Bentons 1552, 1553FF , Bentons alias Benningtons 1557 M, 1608LRMB , Bennington - Hall anciently called Breddingchou 1768 M, Banton Hall 1777 C, 1805 O. It is difficult to make any satisfactory suggestion with regard to this name. The basis of the first element is probably Brid (d )-, with AN lowering of i to e in the earliest forms (cf. IPN 113). It is less likely to be Brydd -, for that would not normally yield Bridd - in Essex. Brid (d ) is found as the name of a moneyer in OE (cf. Redin 18) and this may have been 'Bridd 's hill,' v. hoh , with connective ing . It may also be found in the not very distant field-name Bringy in Boreham infra 611.