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Instep's Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of White Colne

Historical Forms

  • Iggolnesthorp (Ingaldestorp) 1230 P
  • Ingaldestorp 1237 FF
  • Ingol(de)storp 1254 Ass
  • Inggelthorp 1323 For
  • Ingeldesthorp 1324 FF
  • Inglesthorp 1327 SR
  • Inglysthorp 1487 FF
  • Inglesthorpe alias Ingesthorpe t.Eliz ChancP
  • Englisthorpe 1486–93 ECP
  • Ingesthorp(e), Ingesthorp(e) alias Ingesthorps alias Inglethorpes 1536 LP 1602 EAvi
  • Instepps 1768 M


Instep's Fm (6″) is Iggolnesthorp (Ingaldestorp )1230 P (ChancR) (p), Ingaldestorp 1237 FF (p), Ingol (de )storp 1254Ass (p), Inggelthorp 1323For (p), Ingeldesthorp 1324FF (p), Inglesthorp 1327SR (p), Inglysthorp 1487FF , Inglesthorpe alias Ingesthorpe t. Eliz ChancP, Englisthorpe 1486–93 ECP, Ingesthorp (e ), Ingesthorp (e )alias Ingesthorps alias Inglethorpes 1536 LP, 1602 EA vi, vulgarly Instepps 1768 M. As all the early forms are from pers. names it is probable that the name is manorial in origin, the family having come from Ingoldisthorpe (Nf).

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