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Hobby Binns

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stebbing

Historical Forms

  • Hob of yndes (mede) 1517 Rental
  • Hobbe a vynes 1544 Ct
  • Hobbe devynes, Hobbavyndes, Hobbe devyndys, Hobbe de Vynes 1549 Rental
  • Hob Avyndes 1567 Ct
  • Hobavynes 1580 Survey
  • Hobbaynes 1669 Rental
  • Avynde 1522 Ct


Hobby Binns [hɔbi vainz] is Hob of yndes (mede )1517Rental , Hobbe a vynes 1544Ct , Hobbe devynes , Hobbavyndes , Hobbe devyndys , Hobbe de Vynes 1549Rental , Hob Avyndes 1567Ct , Hobavynes 1580Survey , Hobbaynes 1669Rental . It is to be associated with the family of William de Inde (1429) and Alexander Avynde (1522Ct ). John of Ynde had land in Brandenende (Bran End supra ) in 1548 (Ct ) and took his name thence. [iˑnd] is the Essex dialect pronunciation of end .