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Early-attested site in the Parish of Southminster

Historical Forms

  • la Kage 1323 For
  • Cage 1351,1448 MinAcct 1368 Cl
  • Cage alias Cagys 1546 FF


Caidge is la Kage 1323For , Cage 1351, 1448MinAcct , 1368 Cl, Cage alias Cagys 1546FF . OFr  cage used in the sense of 'an enclosed piece of land.' The first of these references is to a park.Cf. “a certyne parke grounde palid called the Cage with a dwellynge howse or lodge within the same” in Tonbridge (K) (now identified with Cage Fm (PN K 181)), 1533 AD v, and the Cage 1495 VCH iii, 230 in Wokingham (Berks). Cage is also commonly used of the village lock-up and is very common in the field-names of the county, usually in the name Cage Field but also in such names as Parish Cage .Cf. le Cage (in Thaxted) 1550FF .

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