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Buckhatch Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Rettendon

Historical Forms

  • Burgatesfeld 1336 FF


Buckhatch Fm is Burgatesfeld 1336FF . This identification is not certain, but, in view of the development of Garnetts to Garnish and Burstead to Busted , Burgates might well become Burgatch [bʌgætʃ], and then, by popular etymology, [bʌkhætʃ]. OE  burh-geat , 'manor-gate,' was a gate in the enclosure surrounding the defensible residence of a thegn or earl. Cf. Burgate (PN Sf 40, DB Burgata ). In OE tradition the bell-house and the burhgeat were regarded as symbols of thegn -status. Cf. Belstead Hall supra 241 and Burgateslongeredenes in Chigwell (1286 AD i), Burgatefeld in Great Sampford (14thSampford ), Burgatestrete in Woodford (1400Ct ), the home of John, son of Walter de la Burgat de Wodeford , early in the 13th century (WalthamA ), Burgatesdounne (1372Ct ) in Great Dunmow, the home of Geoffrey ate Burgate in 1328 (Ct ), Burgatessot in Arkesden (1387Walden ) and Burgettfeild in Rivenhall (1596Rental ).

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