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Nunty's Fm, Nunty's Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Pattiswick

Historical Forms

  • Noteheye 1285 Ass
  • Nunnot(e)hey 1286–1302 FF
  • Nonethey 1289 ERxxi
  • boscum de Nuntheylond, Nuntheywode, Nuntheycroft 1316 MinAcct 1405 Ct
  • Nunchey 1323 Londin
  • litlenontey 1392 Ct
  • Nunteywode 1406 ib
  • Nunt- (h)ey(e)s(tenement) 1406–10 Ct
  • Nontenheycroft, Nontenheylond 1459 MinAcct
  • grete Nunteys al. vocat. Gylhayes 1475 ib
  • Nunteylane 1477 Ct


Nunty's Fm, Nunty's Wood are Noteheye 1285Ass (p), Nunnot (e )hey 1286–1302 FF (p), Nonethey 1289 ER xxi, boscum de Nuntheylond , Nuntheywode , Nuntheycroft 1316MinAcct , 1405Ct , Nunchey 1323 Londin (p), litlenontey 1392Ct ., Nunteywode 1406 ib., Nunt - (h )ey (e )s (tenement )1406–10Ct , Nontenheycroft , Nontenheylond 1459MinAcct , grete Nunteys al. vocat. Gylhayes 1475 ib., Nunteylane 1477Ct . Originally perhaps 'the nut-hay or enclosure,' later 'the nuns' nut-hay,' probably those of Castle Hedingham, v. hnutu , (ge)hæg. “On Holy Cross Day in harvest (14th Sept.) the serf tenants of each virgate, if called upon, had to send a man to gather nuts for the whole day in the manorial woods of Oldefrith at Feering (Thrift Wood supra 391) and Nonethey at Pattiswick” (ER xxi, 211).

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