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Seaborough Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Mucking

Historical Forms

  • Seuebergh(e) 1293 FF 1336 Ct
  • Sebergh alias Seberwe 1334 Ct
  • Seborough Hall 1496 MinAcct
  • Sebarhall 1544 LP
  • Sabur or Seborow Hall 1768 M
  • Sibbery Hall 1805 O


Seaborough Hall is Seuebergh (e )1293 FF, 1336Ct , Sebergh alias Seberwe 1334Ct , Seborough Hall 1496MinAcct , Sebarhall 1544 LP, Sabur or Seborow Hall 1768 M, Sibbery Hall 1805 O.'Seven barrows' or 'Seofa 's hill,' v. beorg . Identical with Seaborough (PN Do 303), DB Seveberge . 'Seven barrows' is just possible as applied to the Essex place but involves a good deal of imaginative re-construction. 'Seven hills' would suit the Dorset place. For the pers. name cf. Seofus (LVH) and Seven Kings supra 99.

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