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Major Settlement in the Parish of Markshall

Historical Forms

  • (æt) mearcyncg seollan 998 Crawfix
  • Mercheshalam 1086 DB
  • Merkeshale 1212,t.Hy3 RBE
  • Merkeshall 1242 P
  • Markeshal(e) 1275 RH 1303 FA 1330 Londin
  • Markeshall(e) 1375 IpmR
  • Markeshall(e) alias Marsehall 1567 M
  • Markishale 1291 Tax
  • Merikeshale 1280 Ass
  • Markhalle 1354 IpmR
  • Marsall 1518 EASix


Perhaps originally 'at the dwellings of a man named Mearc ' or 'on the mearc or boundary,' here that between Lexden and Hinckford Hundreds. v. ing , sele . Either there was an early substitution of the dat. sing. of healh for the dat. pl. of sele , or two places close together were named from the same man or object. On the identification v. EAS xvii, 21–2. Later, -hall was, as often, substituted for -hale . Cf. Markshall (Nf), in which was Merkeslawe 1304 Chanc, and Marksbury (So), Merkesburi 705 (15th) BCS 112.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site