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Great Henny and Little Henny

Major Settlement in the Parish of Great and Little Henny

Historical Forms

  • Hanies, Henies 1086 DB
  • Hanye 1229 Pat
  • Heni 1086 DB
  • Henie Magna 1291 Tax
  • Hen(e)y(e) 1202 FF
  • Hen(e)y(e) Parva 1229 1346 FA
  • Hen(n)eye 1258 Pat 1347 Cl
  • Bridge Heny 1359 Bodl
  • Heyn(i)e 1229,1340 Cl
  • Heyneye 1504 MinAcct
  • Haninge, Heyninge 1254 Ass
  • Hynye 1285 Ass
  • Enye 1316 FF
  • Hely Magna 1412 FA
  • Hennye or Honnye 1594 N


Henny is on a well-marked hill sloping sharply down to streams on three sides of it and there can be little doubt that the name is derived from OE  (æt þǣm ) hēan ēge , i.e. 'at the high island of land.' The isolated forms Haninge , Heyninge are difficult. If correct, they may point to an ingas-derivative of Henny denoting 'inhabitants of Henny.' Cf. s. n. Parley (PN Sr 129).

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