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Pitchbury Wood and Pitchbury Ramparts olim Chesterwell

Early-attested site in the Parish of Great Horkesley

Historical Forms

  • Cestrewald (boscum) 1181 P
  • Cestrewel' 1247 Cl
  • Cestrewaud 1249 Cl
  • Cestreweld 1260 Bodl 1277 Cl
  • Cesterwolde in Horkesle magna 1262 Ass
  • Chesterwell 1637,1671 M


Pitchbury Wood and Pitchbury Ramparts (6″) olim Chesterwell is Cestrewald (boscum )1181 P, Cestrewel '1247 Cl, Cestrewaud 1249 Cl, Cestreweld 1260 Bodl, 1277 Cl, Cesterwolde in Horkesle magna 1262Ass , Chesterwell 1637, 1671 M. v. ceaster , weald . In 1249 described as “foresta regis de Cestrewaud in Kingeswod ,” which places it on the Colchester boundary. The perambulation of 1671 (MC 96–7) makes the identification certain. The bounds run “under Chesterwell along the Rampiers by Horkesley heath.” The 'rampiers' must be the ramparts marked on the 6″ map, near to which Roman coins have been found.

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