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Major Settlement in the Parish of Frating

Historical Forms

  • (at) Fretinge p.1055 KCD1339 15th
  • Fretinga 1086 DB
  • Freting 1255 Ass 1258 FF
  • Fratingā 1086 DB
  • Fratinge 1238 SR
  • Fratyng(g)(e) 1308 Ipm 1328–33 Londin
  • Fratinges 1438 Pat
  • Fretenges 1135–54 ADiii
  • Fratinches t.Ed1 Deed
  • Frotynges 1330 FA


OE  Frǣtingas , 'the settlement of the people of Frǣte ,' originally an opprobrious nick-name derived from OE  frǣte , 'wanton, shameful, foul.' The same pers. name may be the source of Frettenham (Nf). v. PN in -ing 44.

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