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Major Settlement in the Parish of Dengie

Historical Forms

  • Deningei 709–45 Bodl(James23) 17th
  • (on) Denesige 942–51 ASWills 14th
  • Daneseiā 1086 DB
  • Daneseiam 1123–83 OxonCh
  • Dan(e)seie 1297 Ipm
  • Dan(e)sheia 1198 CurR
  • Dan(e)sy(e) 1212 1235 Ass 1288 FF
  • Dan(e)sey(e) 1247–61 1274 RH 1283 Pat 1310–13 Londin 1314 Ipm 1346 FA 1354 Cl
  • Den(e)seie, Den(e)seye 1274 RH 1369 Fine
  • Dan(y)seye 1404 ADi
  • danningam 1222 StP
  • Danengeye supra Mare 1276 FF 1299 Abbr
  • Danyngeye, Danyngeye alias Dansey 1304 IpmR 1305 Pat
  • Daneg(e) 1236 Fees 1290 Cl
  • Danigeye 1247 FF
  • Dange(ye) 1251 Ch 1313 1353 Ipm 1387 Pat 1428 FA
  • Daungey 1395 Cl
  • Angeye 1313 Cl
  • Dengeye 1344 Misc


Zachrisson (Acta Philologica Scandinavica , i, 284 ff.) is probably right in connecting the name of this place with Danbury and the forest of Danegris (infra 248–9). The forms of these two place-names clearly go back to earlier dæn (n )ingabyrig and -hris respectively, denoting the burh and the hris or brushwood-land occupied by the Dænningas . This would seem to be an ingas-derivative of the word dænn , used of 'woodland pasture for swine,' the name denoting a folk settled in an old forest-area, such as we know to have existed near Danbury in the past. In the VCH (i, 376), evidence is noted for a strip of woodland running across Dengie Hundred, which at its western end borders on Danbury. It may be that the original name for Dengie was therefore Dænninga -eg , 'marshland occupied by the Dænningas -folk .' See further Introd. xxii–iii. The Danes -, Denes - forms are difficult, but some process of sound confusion and folk-etymology has obviously been at work, otherwise it is impossible to bring the forms into relationship with each other.Connection with Danes and substitution of [nz] for [ndʒ] would readily arise.

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