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Twizzlefoot Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Burnham

Historical Forms

  • Twisleworth(e), Twyselworth(e) marsh, Mershe 1539 Harl 1540 LP
  • Twisellworth marsh 1619 Ipm
  • Twisleworth alias Twisleford 1651 Harl


Twizzlefoot Bridge is Twisleworth (e ), Twyselworth (e ) marsh , Mershe 1539Harl , 1540 LP, Twisellworth marsh 1619Ipm , Twisleworth alias Twisleford 1651Harl . Twizzlefoot lies where two streams meet and the first element is clearly twisla , 'fork.' As this is the name of a marsh it is probable that we have the word werth , 'marsh,' discussed under Labworth supra 148 and that the form worth is a 16th-century corruption. Hence 'marsh by the forking streams.'