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Naylinghurst Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Braintree

Historical Forms

  • Neilingaher(s)t 12th Colne 14th Stoke
  • Naillingeherst 1185 Templars
  • Nayllehirst, Nayllehurst 1248 Ass
  • Nayling(e)hers(t), Nailing(e)hers(t), Neiling(e)hers(t), Neyling(e)hers(t), Nelyng(e)hers(t) 1254 Ass 1269 FF 14th Stoke 1315 Cl 1343 FF
  • Nelyng(e)hirste 1288 Ass
  • Neynigeshurst 1254 Ass
  • Nannegals 1768 M


Naylinghurst Fm [næniglz] is Neilingaher (s )t 12thColne , 14thStoke , Naillingeherst 1185 Templars, Nayllehirst , Nayllehurst 1248Ass (p), Nayling (e )hers (t ), Nailing (e )hers (t ), Neiling (e )hers (t ), Neyling (e )hers (t ), Nelyng (e )hers (t )1254Ass , 1269 FF, 14thStoke , 1315 Cl, 1343FF , Nelyng (e )hirste 1288Ass , Neynigeshurst 1254Ass , Nannegals 1768 M. For this place- name we may compare Negles leag (BCS 164), Nægleslege (ib. 574), close to Nailsworth (Gl) and Nailsbourn (So), næglesburna (ib. 550) with neglescumb (ib. 476) close at hand, Nailsea (So) Naylesye t. Ed 1 BM, Nailstone (Lei), Nayleston 1284 FA, all of which suggest a pers. name Nægl . This pers. name we may compare with OGer  Nagal (cf. Förstemann PN 1146). The Leicestershire place-name may contain the cognate OScand Nagl (cf. LindB s. n .). The whole name means 'wood of Nægl 's people,' v. hyrst .

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