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Clap Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Braintree

Historical Forms

  • Clapbrige 1459 MinAcct
  • Clabbredge 1565 Sessions
  • Claplese, Clapmede 1501 EASix


Clap Bridge is Clapbrige 1459MinAcct , Clabbredge 1565Sessions . We also have Claplese , Clapmede 1501 EAS ix in Rayne. Clap Bridge is on the boundary between Rayne and Braintree so it is clear that we have the same element in three neighbouring names. This element clap is probably the word clopp discussed in PN BedsHu 22–3. Its exact sense is unknown.One of the most probable suggestions is that it denotes a tree- stump.

Places in the same Parish

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