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Early-attested site in the Parish of Wressell

Historical Forms

  • Lofthus 1208 FF
  • Lusthus (sic) 1226 FF
  • Lofth(o)usum 1251 FF 1358 Works
  • Loftheusum 1335 FF
  • Loftesum, Loftesom 1362 Works, FF
  • Loftisum in Spaldyngmore 1368 FF
  • Loftsum 1401 YI
  • Loftsome 1600 FF 1650 ParlSurv


'At the houses with lofts,' from OScand í lopthúsum , dat. plur. of lopthus . The name is fairly common in Yorkshire. On the loss of the medial syllable cf. Goxhill supra 66.

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