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Major Settlement in the Parish of Thornton

Historical Forms

  • Stort(h)wayt(e), Stort(h)wait(e), Stort(h)weyt(e) 1178 Warter 1219 1583 NCWills
  • Scorthwait (sic) 1227 FF
  • Stortheweyt 1282 Baildon
  • Storyweyt 1285 YI
  • Storwhait 1303 KF
  • Storwhatt 1461 Pat
  • Tortawhayte 1305 YI
  • Strothwayth 1309 Font
  • Stortwhayte 1557 FF
  • Storthwhate 1575 FF
  • Storthwood 1610 Speed 1828 Langd


OScand  stórr 'great, big' has been suggested for the first element of Storwood (cf. Lindkvist 124), but as Lindkvist points out this word is rare in Scandinavian place-names. We should, therefore, probably derive the name from storð 'brushwood,' and þveit 'enclosure.'

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site

Major Settlement