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East Carr, North Carr, West Carr

Early-attested site in the Parish of Sutton on Hull

Historical Forms

  • mariscum orientalem 13th Meaux
  • le Estker (de Sutton') t.John YD c.1270 StoweCh
  • Oustker c.1280 StoweCh
  • East Carr 1615 FF
  • Northkerre 1280–6 Melsa
  • occidentali marisco 1197–1210 Melsa
  • (le) Westkerre 1197–1210,13th ib
  • (le) Westker c.1280 StoweCh 1293 YI
  • marisco de Sutton' c.1200 Meaux


East Carr (6″), North Carr, West Carr (6″) are respectively mariscum orientalem 13thMeaux , le Estker (de Sutton ')t. John YD, c. 1270StoweCh , Oustker c. 1280StoweCh , East Carr 1615 FF; Northkerre 1280–6 Melsa; occidentali marisco 1197–1210 Melsa, (le ) Westkerre 1197–1210, 13th ib., (le ) Westker c. 1280StoweCh , 1293 YI. v. kiarr , 'marsh.' East Carr shows variation between east and OScand  austr. Another marsh is referred to as marisco de Sutton 'c. 1200Meaux etc.