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Seaton Ross

Major Settlement in the Parish of Seaton Ross

Historical Forms

  • Setton 1086 DB 1285 KI
  • Seton(a) 1086 DB 12th Warter 1473 Pat
  • Seton(a) in Spaldingmore, Seton(a) in Spaldyngmore 1333 YD 1340 FF
  • Seton gadering in Spaldingmore 1338 BevAct
  • Sethon 1205 ChR 1254 YI
  • Seiton, Seyton 1519 FF
  • Seyton in Spaldyngmore 1535 FF
  • Seyton Rose 1575 FF
  • Seyton Rosse 1583 NCWills
  • Seaton 1523 Test
  • Seaton Rosse 1618 FF
  • Seaton in Wilton Beacon 1650 ParlSurv


'Farm with a pool,' v. Seaton supra 67. There is no lake here now, but the land has been well drained. 'Ross' from the family of Roos or Ross (v. Roos supra 56), who held the vill from the 12th century (cf. Warter fol. 44 et freq ) to the 17th (1618 FF). Gadering in 1338 may be the common word gathering 'gathering, assembly (of people).' v. Spaldingmoor supra 13.