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Major Settlement in the Parish of Scrayingham

Historical Forms

  • Huson 1086 DB
  • Husum 12th Kirkham 1154–81(1336),1227 Ch 1285 SR
  • Housum 13th,1250 Kirkham 1327 FF
  • Housom, Howsom 1297 LS 1303 KF 1542 NCWills
  • Howshom 1414 Test
  • Howseham 1549 FF


'At the houses,' from OE , OScand  husum , dat. plur. of hus.Cf. Housham (L), Usun DB, Husum 1295 Pat, and Norw  Husum (NoGN xii, 75, etc.). The name Husum is also that of a suburb of Copenhagen and, as Dr Knudsen notes, it occurs several times elsewhere in Denmark.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site

Major Settlement