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North Newbald

Major Settlement in the Parish of North Newbald

Historical Forms

  • to msebotle 963 RegAlb 14th
  • (æt) neowe boldan 972 BCS1279 c.1200
  • Niuuebold, Niwebolt 1086 DB
  • Neubald, Newbald 1154–86 RegAlb 1524 Bev
  • Neuebald, Newebald 1285 KI 1371 FF
  • North Newebald 1348 Ch 1828 Langd
  • Newebaud, Neubaud 1268 FF, Ebor
  • Newball 1569 FF


'The new building,' v. niwe , boðl , and cf. Newbottle (PN NbDu 148), Newbold (PN La 55). The OE  forms are from the variants botl , bold , whilst all other spellings later than DB have the unusual form -bald , which is also found in some Lancashire examples of this element, such as Parbold (PN La 130). Since it occurs so early in Newbald, we have probably an analogical substitution, for old is a rare sound-group in Northern ME  and is usually correctly represented by ald , as in bald for Midland and Southern ME  bold 'bold,' walde for wolde 'would,' etc.

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