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Major Settlement in the Parish of North Ferriby

Historical Forms

  • Suenelund 1189,1190,1191 P
  • Swaneslund 1237 Cl c.1265 Bodl 1303 KF
  • Swaneslond 1280 Ass 1285 Abbr 1305 YI 1339 FF
  • Swanysland 1301 YI
  • Suanneslund, Swanneslund 1293 Ch 1296 BM 1333 FF
  • Swanneslond 13th Melsa 1285,1294 YI 1342 SR
  • Swannesland late12th Rievaulx
  • Swanlund 1303 YI 1329 FF
  • Swanlound(e) 1303,1415 YI
  • Swanlond 1285 KI 1298 Baildon 1462 Pat
  • Swanland(e) 1302 Ebor 1342 SR 1559 NCWills
  • Swannelund 1304 Ebor


'Svan 's wood,' v. lundr . Some of the early spellings such as Swanes - look like the gen. sing. of OE  swan 'herd, swine-herd' or a pers. name Swān , whilst the P spellings in Suene - might be variants of the cognate OScand  sveinn . The frequency of forms with medial nn is, however, against this derivation, more particularly as OE  swan is not usual in Northern place-names except where it is an anglicising of OScand  sveinn . We should therefore associate the first element of Swanland with the OScand  pers. name Svanr , which occurs in Iceland and (as a nickname) in Norway. An OSwed  Swan is to be inferred from Swedish place-names such as Svansboda (Lundgren-Brate 251).

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