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Kipling Cotes

Early-attested site in the Parish of Middleton on the Wolds

Historical Forms

  • Climbicotes, Clinbicotes 1086 DB
  • Kib(b)lincotes 1190,1192 P 1190–1210 YCh1103–4
  • Kibelincotes 1294 Percy
  • Kiblecotis 1246 Ass
  • Kib(e)lingcotes, Kyb(e)lingcotes t.Hy3 BM 1285 KI 1423 Baildon
  • Kybellingcotes 1308 BevAct
  • Kibb(e)lingcotes, Kybb(e)lingcotes 13th Warter 1281,1287 YI 14th Percy
  • Kiblingecotes 1279 YI
  • Kybelingekotes 1287 YI
  • Kyp(p)lyngcote 1301 Baildon
  • Coottes, Coottes super le Wold 1549 YD
  • Kyp(p)lyncotes 1565,1575 FF
  • Kobelyngcotes 1333 FF


'Cottages of Cyb (b )el or of Cyb (b )el 's people,' v. ing , ingtun , cote . OE  Cybbel is not on independent record, but it occurs in OE  cybles weorðig (BCS 455) and Kibblesworth (PN NbDu 126).It is a diminutive of the OE  Cybba proposed for Guy's Cliffe (PN Wa 264), and an unmutated form Cubbel occurs in Cublington (PN Bk 78).

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