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Market Weighton

Major Settlement in the Parish of Market Weighton

Historical Forms

  • Wicstun 1086 DB
  • Wichton(a), Wychton(a) 1133 RegAlb 1165,1175 P 1219 FF 1301 Ebor
  • Wicton(a), Wycton(a), Wyctun c.1150–60 BM 1160–70 YCh443 1279–81 QW
  • Wihtun(a), Wyhtun(a), Wyhton 1156,1167 P 1252 Ch 1285 YI
  • Wichetona 1166 RBE
  • Wyketon 1279–81 QW
  • Wighton, Wyghton 1251 Ass 1298 Cl a.1678 Map
  • Wyghton subtus Olde als. under le Olde 1553 FF
  • Wyghton on the Woulde 1569 FF
  • Whigheton 1259 Ass
  • Whigton 1334 BevAct
  • Wygthon 1333 YAJxi
  • Whyton 1268 FF 1300 Ebor
  • Whytthon 1285 YI
  • Wicthton 1279–81 QW
  • Wytthon 1285 YI
  • Wyth(e)ton(e) 1281 Ebor 1338 FF 1356 Ipm
  • Wython, Withone 1285 YI
  • Market-Weighton 1828 Langd


Weighton is clearly a compound of wic and tun , though the meaning of wictun is not obvious. In the Paris Psalter OE  wictun means 'court, vestibule,' but in place-names we may have the sense 'dwelling, dwelling-place' as in other compounds such as OE  wicstow , wicstede , etc. Market Weighton lies on the Roman road to Brough and the possibility of wic having reference to a Roman vicus or settlement should also be taken into account.Cf. Witton, PN Wo 289. For the addition subtus Olde , etc. 'below the Wold,' v. The Wolds supra 13 and on the form Olde v. Introd. xxviii. 'Market' appears to be a fairly recent addition (to distinguish it from Little Weighton supra 205), but the status of market-town is ancient, Reginald FitzPeter having been granted permission to hold a weekly market on Thursdays in 1252 (Ch). v. Addenda lx.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site

Major Settlement