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Cleaving Grange

Early-attested site in the Parish of Londesborough

Historical Forms

  • Cleuinde, Cleuinge 1086 DB
  • Cleving, Clevyng(e), Cleuing 13th YD 1204 Ass 1582 YD
  • Clyng 1376 Test


Cleaving Grange is Cleuinde , Cleuinge 1086 DB, Cleving , Clevyng (e ), Cleuing 13th YD, 1204 Ass (p)et passim to 1582 YD, Clyng 1376 Test. This may be an old tribal name Clifungas , Cleofungas 'the cliff-dwellers,' from clif 'cliff, steep bank' and ing (cf. Ekwall, PN in -ing 92), but more probably it is simply an OE  derivative noun cliofung , cleofung 'cleft, fissure' applied to a small steep-sided valley which cuts into the Wolds at this point.The early substitution of ing for ung is common in late OE and ME (as in Coniston supra 47).

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