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Major Settlement in the Parish of Lockington

Historical Forms

  • Locheton, Lecheton 1086 DB
  • Loketon 1305 Ebor
  • Lokintun, Lokinton(a), Lokyntun 12th YD 1154–60,1175–95,1195–1211 YCh1117–21 t.John AddCh 1314 Ch
  • Lochintona 1155–68 YCh1100
  • Lokington(a), Lokyngton(a) 1178 Warter 1238 Ch 1246 Ass 1504 Bev
  • Lockyngton 1578 FF
  • Lukinton 1226 FF
  • Lokenton 1247 FF 1279 YI 1280 Ass


'Loca 's farm,' v. ingtun and Lockington (PN NRY 91), where there is a similar variation in spellings with and without medial ing . This is not uncommon in Y place-names. The spelling in for ing is also a common feature, especially in place-names compounded with ingtun . It is clearly an assimilation of the back nasal to a dental.

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Major Settlement