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Major Settlement in the Parish of Kirk Ella

Historical Forms

  • Umlouebi, Unlouebi 1086 DB
  • Anlachbi 12th Bardney
  • Anlakeby 1240 FF 1270 YD
  • Anlacby 1284 Baildon
  • Anelacby 1303 Ebor
  • Anlauebi, Anlaueby 1203,1205,1212 Cur
  • Anlaweby 1234 Cl
  • Anlauby 1279 YI
  • Andlaueby 1204 Ass
  • Aulenaby 1205 OblR
  • Anlofby 1210–20 Melsa
  • Anloby 1303 YI
  • Anlagheby c.1240 YD 1306 BevAct 1316 NomVill
  • Anlaghby 1303 KF 1371 Works
  • Anelaghby 1303 Ebor
  • Anlahby 1309 ib
  • Anloweby 1246 Ass
  • Anleby 1251 FF
  • Anlageby 1285 KI
  • Anlagby 1289 YI 1333 SR
  • Anelagby 1309 Ebor
  • Annelaby c.1362 Works
  • Anlaby 1392 Test 1525 Bev
  • Aynelebye 1566 FF


'Anlaf 's farmstead,' v. by . The Anglo-Scandinavian pers. name Anlaf , recorded in OE (cf. NP 4–5), is the common Scandinavian pers. name Óláfr (PrScand  *AnulaiƀaR ), and it is also found in Anglezark (PN La 48). There are two difficulties in the early spellings, but these can be paralleled. The frequent lagh (e ), lake forms are in one respect similar to the early spellings of Theddlethorpe (L) and Warlaby (NRY); v. PN NRY 276. In these names, as in the numerous spellings of OScand  lopt, ME  loft , as Locte - in DB (v. Loftmarishes, Loftus, PN NRY 95, 140), the c or k , gh , etc. may be an attempt to suggest the bilabial quality of OScand f (cf. a similar variation between OScand p and k in Skirpenbeck supra 150), or they may be inverted spellings which could arise when OE  or OScand  af and ag had fallen together in Middle English by vocalisation to au . The DB spellings with Um - and Un - have an exact parallel in the form Unlaf in the Parker manuscript of the Chronicle (s.a. 993) where the other manuscripts have the more usual Anlaf . There is no doubt that this comes from an etymological misunderstanding; the ó in OScand  Ólafr was taken to be the Scandinavian negative prefix ó which was supplanted by the cognate OE  prefix un -, as it was, with more justification, in ME  Unfac from OScand  Ófeigr and Unspac from OScand  Ós - pakr (NP 170–1).

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