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Early-attested site in the Parish of Holme upon Spalding Moor

Historical Forms

  • Walsay 1285 KI 1338 Hosp
  • Whalsey 1505 Test 1582,1585 FF
  • Wholesea 1828 Langd


Wholsea is Walsay 1285 KI, 1338 Hosp, Whalsey 1505 Test, 1582, 1585 FF, Wholesea 1828 Langd. The spellings of this name, as of Wallingfen infra 248, with which it may be connected, are not early enough to allow of any certain etymology.Possibly the first element is the OE  pers. name Wealh , hence 'Wealh 's lake,' v. Kilnsea supra 15. Wallingfen would then be from OE  Wealingfen , 'the marshland of Wealh ,' with connective ing .