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Early-attested site in the Parish of Great Givendale

Historical Forms

  • Grimtorp, Grintorp 1086 DB
  • Grimt(h)orp(e), Grymt(h)orp(e) 1199 Abbr 1241 FF 1650 ParlSurv
  • Thorpe 1120–9 YCh449
  • Grimesthorp', Grymesthorp', Grymestorp 1138 RegAlb 1195 Ch 1335 ChR 1204 QW 1279–81
  • Grimet(h)orp 1235 YAJxviii 1276 RH


'Grim 's village,' v. Grimston supra 58 and þorp . Cf. Danish Grimstrup (DaSN(F) 88). The weak form Grími is often found in Danish place-names.

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Early-attested site

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