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Early-attested site in the Parish of Foxholes

Historical Forms

  • Buitorp 1086 DB
  • Boiethorp' c.1170 Riev
  • Boithorp(e), Boythorp(e), Boytorp a.1080 Whitby 12th Whitby 1194 P 1828 Langd
  • Boythroppe 1574 FF


Boythorpe [bɔiθrəp] is Buitorp 1086 DB, Boiethorp 'c. 1170 Riev (p), Boithorp (e ), Boythorp (e ), Boytorp a. 1080 Whitby, 12th Whitbyfreq , 1194 Pet passim to 1828 Langd, Boythroppe 1574 FF. 'Boia 's village,' v. þorp . On this late OE pers. name which is thought to be of Continental origin v. Boycott, PN Bk 48, and more particularly PN Wo 303–4, where the possibility is considered of the element being the common but obscure word boy . Boie , it may be noted, is common in ODan, where it is also a loan (DaPN s. n .).

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