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Major Settlement in the Parish of Everingham

Historical Forms

  • Yferingaham c.972 BCS1279 c.1200
  • Euringha' 1086 DB
  • Hever(h)ingham 1166 RBE 1170–82 YCh49 1201 ChR 1252 Ch c.1253 Malton
  • Eueringeham, Everingeham 1185–95 P 1228 Pat 1244 Ass 1288 YI
  • Eueringham, Everingham, Everyngham 1192–8 YCh636 1219 Ass 1583 NCWills


The OE spelling with y for later e is probably an inverted spelling and is paralleled by yrcebiscop for ercebiscop , ærcebiscop in the same document (Harl 55) and by other OE  spellings such as Cnyllingatun for Knedlington infra 253, yr for eor or the like (R. Aire, WRY) in YCh 4. The spelling y for Anglian e (o ) is presumably due to West Saxon influence and in some cases at any rate the equation is phonologically correct. 'Homestead of Eofor and his people,' v. ingaham .

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