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Major Settlement in the Parish of Bubwith

Historical Forms

  • Herlesthorp(ia) 1150–60 Melsa 1160–80 t.John AddCh 1285 YI
  • Herlethorp(e) 1199–1211 YCh 1226 FF c.1400 Melsa
  • Harlesthorp 1297 Ch
  • Harlethorp early13th Gilbert 1572 FF
  • Harlethropp 1534 FF
  • Herylthorp 1301 Ebor
  • Haddlethorpe 1568 FF
  • Hartlethorp al. Hadlethorpe 1621 FF


'Herel 's village,' v. þorp . For the pers. name Herel (e ) cf. Harlington, PN BedsHu 123, Harlsey, PN NRY 212–3, Harlesthorpe (Db). We should also consider the possibility of a shortened form of some OScand  pers. name Herlaugr , Herleifr , etc., which, as Dr Knudsen suggests, would lie behind Hellestrup (in Holbæk Amt, Denmark), Herlwstorp 1370.

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