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Belthorpe Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Bishop Wilton

Historical Forms

  • Torp, Balchetorp 1086 DB
  • Belkert(h)orp 1205 OblR 1240 FF 1260 Rental
  • Belkirt(h)orp 1245 Ass
  • Belgerthorp 1242 P 1246 FF
  • Belk(e)thorp 1333 SR 1340 YD
  • Belthorp 1549 FF


Belthorpe Ho is Torp , Balchetorp 1086 DB, Belkert (h )orp 1205 OblR, 1240 FF, 1260Rental , Belkirt (h )orp 1245Ass , Belgerthorp 1242 P, 1246 FF, Belk (e )thorp 1333SR , 1340 YD, Belthorp 1549 FF. The first element might be connected with the rare OScand  pers. name Bjalki , but this name is a literary one and would not normally have a gen. giving ME  Belker . We should therefore regard the two Belger - spellings as original and derive the name from OScand  Belgr , a nickname formed from OScand  belgr , gen. sg. belgjar , 'bellows, etc.,' as in Bellerby (PN NRY 252). 'Belg 's village,' v. þorp .

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Early-attested site