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East Cottingwith

Major Settlement in the Parish of Aughton

Historical Forms

  • Coteuuid, Cotinuui 1086 DB
  • Cottingwith, Kottingwith, Kottyngwith 1225–30 FF
  • Est Kottingwith 1276 RH 1342 SR
  • Cotingwic, Cattingwic 1231 FF
  • Cotyngwyk 1316 NomVill
  • Cotingwith 1231 Ass
  • Estcotyngwith 13th Font
  • Cotynwyth 1527 FF


For other forms v. West Cottingwith infra 264. 'Cot (t )a 's dairy-farm,' v. wic . For the replacement of OE  wic by OScand  viðr 'wood,' v. Skipwith infra 262.

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