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Early-attested site in the Parish of Atwick

Historical Forms

  • Schereltun(e) 1086 DB
  • Skirlington(a), Skyrlington(a) 1147–54etfreqto1312 Bridl 1210–20 Melsa c.1265 KF 1576 FF
  • Skirlinton 1232 FF
  • Schirlington' 1190–9 P c.1228 BM 1232 FF
  • Schirlinton' 1194 P


Probably 'Scirela 's farm,' v. ingtun . The pers. name Scīrel (a ) is not on record in OE , but it may have existed as a diminutive of Scīra . Initial Sk - is due to Scandinavian influence. It is possible that Skirling - is an -ing - formation from Skirlaugh supra 49 and the name in that event would mean 'farmstead belonging to (the men of) Skirlaugh'; in this connexion it may be worth noting that in DB Skirlington and Skirlaugh, though many miles apart, both belonged to the manor of Hornsea.

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Early-attested site

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