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Rew, Rew Hill, Rew Manor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Winterborne St Martin

Historical Forms

  • La Rewe 1283 Ipm
  • Le Rawe 1288 Ass
  • le Rew(e) 1288 1435,c.1500 Weld1
  • cursus aque iuxta le Rewes 1474 ib
  • Rew(e) 1528 Hutch3 1795 Boswell
  • Row 1587 Hutch1
  • Rew Fm 1774 ib
  • N Rue, S Rue 1817 Hutch3
  • Rue Hill, Rue Md(w) (Plant.) 1841 TA


Rew, Rew Hill, Rew Manor (SY 637902), La Rewe 1283 Ipm, Le Rawe 1288Ass , le Rew (e )1288ib , 1435, c. 1500Weld 1, cursus aque iuxta le Rewes 1474ib , Rew (e )1528 Hutch3, 1795 Boswell, Row 1587 Hutch1, Rew Fm 1774 ib, N Rue , S Rue 1817 Hutch3, Rue Hill , Rue Md (w ) (Plant .)1841TA , 'the row (of houses or trees)', v. rǣw , rāw ; houses are scattered along the lane between Rew and Rew Manor which lie ½ mile apart. However, the stream referred to in 1474 is no doubt R. South Winterborne, and this form lends support to the suggestion made in RCHMDo 2 393 that the name refers to a 'long narrow stretch of closes' of medieval date along the N bank of the river.