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Winterborne Houghton

Major Settlement in the Parish of Winterborne Houghton

Historical Forms

  • Wintreburne 1086 DB(ff.82,83b)
  • Wintreborna Exon
  • Winterburn 1229 Ch 1234 Fees
  • Winterburn(') Fercles 1208–1211 P 1236 FF
  • Winterburn(') Feroles (sic) l13 Hutch3
  • Wynterborn' Fercles 1280 Ass e15 PlR
  • Wynterburn' Ferles 1280 Ass
  • Winterborne Ferkles 1290 Hutch3
  • Wynterbourne Serles 1409 Cl
  • Winterborn' Moyun 1242–3 Fees
  • Winterbo(u)rn(e) Hueton(e), Wynterbo(u)rn(e) Hueton(e) 1246 Ipm 1302 ADI
  • Wynterbo(u)rn(e) Hout(t)on(e) 1273 Banco 1302 ADI
  • Wynterbo(u)rn(e) Hugheton 1279 Ipm
  • Houghton Winterborne 1795 Boswell
  • How(e)ton 1303 FA


Named from R. Winterborne, which rises here, v. RNs.infra ; for the identification of the DB forms, v. Eyton 121–2, VCHDo 393, 105. The affix -Fercles is from the family of Hugh de Fercles , Thomas de Fercles (misspelt -Fereles , -Feroles by Hutch1 1 114–15, Hutch3 1 327–8) which held the manor (or a manor) here in the late 12th or early 13th centuries (cf. Geoffrey de Fercles 1208 P (Essex)). The affix -Moyun is from the family of William de Moion to whom the larger of the two DB manors belonged in 1086 (VCHDo 393), cf. John Mohun 1278, 1286, Reginald de Mayun , Roger de Mayun l13 all Hutch3, and cf. Hammoon par. supra . Houghton is 'Hugh's estate', v. tūn , probably with reference to the Hugh (de Boscherbert) who held the smaller DB manor in 1086 of the wife of Hugh fitz Grip (VCHDo 3105), but possibly with reference to Hugh fitz Grip himself to whom the manor had presumably earlier belonged and who died a1084, cf. Wayhoughton in Broadwey par. 1 201.