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Rill Coombe ( Down )

Field in the Parish of Winfrith Newburgh

Historical Forms

  • 1843 TA
  • Rewl ( e ) comb ( e ) 1449 Weld 1452 Weld
  • Rewelcomb ( e ) 1478 Weld


Rill Coombe(Down)(probably to be identified with Rewl(e)comb(e) 1449, 1452, Rewelcomb(e)1478; cumb'valley' may have been added to an earlier name Rew(e)l(e)from a misdivision of ME  atter ewelle'(place) at the spring', v. atter,ǣwell(for the OE(wk.) fem. form welle, v. EPN 2 250); the unexplainedRewlea D 465(Reylecomb 1330, Rewlacomb 1583) may be analogous, thoughhere the first spelling would seem to suggest derivation from rǣge'roe,female roe-deer')