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Early-attested site in the Parish of Tyneham

Historical Forms

  • Boltington Ass (p), Bultington 1280 Ass
  • Baltington(e), Baltyngton(e) 1284 Banco c.1300 Milne 14 Mansel 1327 SR 1614 AddCh
  • Baltintone c.1300 Milne
  • Baltyntone 14 Mansel
  • Baltingthone 14 EdI Hutch3
  • Baltingeton 1287 FF
  • Baldyngton 1329 Orig, Pat
  • the Farme of Balkington 1648 AddCh 1795 Boswell 1811 OS


Probably from an OE pers.n. and -ingtūn 'farm called after'. The spellings from Ass may well be corrupt, but Balt -, Bald - in the majority of early spellings may suggest some such pers.n. as *B (e )aldðrȳð (v. DEPN s.n. Balterley St), B (e )aldhere , B (e )aldhūn or B (e )aldheard (for OE d to t before h , v. Ekwall in SNPh 1 97 ff, Waltham Sx 77, Brk 112, cf. also Balt , -balt for OE Beald , -beald in 1086 DB (Feilitzen 98, 193, 207)).