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Eastbury Dairy, Eastbury Ho & Eastbury Park

Early-attested site in the Parish of Tarrant Gunville

Historical Forms

  • apud Estbury 1391 Rawl
  • Gunvil-Eastbury 1511 Hutch1
  • Gounvyle Estbury 1547 Ct
  • Gunvile Estbury 1558 PlR
  • Estbury 1569 Hutch3
  • Eastbury 1619 CH
  • Eastbury or Gunvil-Eastbury 1774 Hutch1
  • East Bury Park 1811 OS
  • Eastbury Ho, Eastbury Plot & Eastbury Wd, Eastbury Front & Eastbury Gt Park 1839 TA


Eastbury Dairy, Eastbury Ho (ST 933127) & Eastbury Park, Richard apud Estbury 1391Rawl , Gunvil -Eastbury 1511 Hutch1, Gounvyle Estbury 1547Ct , Gunvile Estbury 1558PlR , Estbury 1569 Hutch3, Eastbury 1619CH , Eastbury or Gunvil -Eastbury 1774 Hutch1, East Bury Park 1811 OS, Eastbury Ho , Eastbury Plot & Eastbury Wd , Eastbury Front & Eastbury Gt Park 1839TA , no doubt ME  bury (from dat.sg. byrig of OE  burh) in the sense 'manor house, centre of an estate', 'east' to distinguish it from Westbury Fm infra , v. ēast . For the affix Gunvil , cf. par. name supra ; on the park here, enclosed in the 18th cent, and originally five miles round, v. Hutch1 2165.