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Bussey Stool Fm, Bussey Stool Park & Bussey Stool Wds, Bussey's Down

Early-attested site in the Parish of Tarrant Gunville

Historical Forms

  • Burcyes 1432 Cl
  • manerium de Burces 1558 PlR
  • Burses Stolle (Coppice) 1590 LRMB
  • Burcistoole walk 17 CecilMap
  • Bursie house, Bursie Downe, Burs(e)y cops, Burs(e)y Walke 1618 Map
  • Bursey Stool(e) Walk 1620,1869 Hutch3
  • Bursies 1659 Salkeld
  • Burseyes 1674 ib
  • Bushey Stool Fm, Bushy Down 1811 OS
  • Pusseys Down 1829 EnclA
  • Bussey Stool Ho, Busseys Down 1839 TA
  • Busseystool walk 1869 Hutch3
  • Burcy 1327 SR 1332 SR
  • Busse 1664 HTax


Bussey Stool Fm (ST 927148), Bussey Stool Park & Bussey Stool Wds, Bussey's Down, Burcyes 1432 Cl, manerium de Burces 1558PlR , Burses Stolle (Coppice )1590LRMB , Burcistoole walk 17CecilMap , Bursie house , Bursie Downe , Burs (e )y cops , Burs (e )y Walke 1618Map , Bursey Stool (e ) Walk 1620, 1869 Hutch3, Bursies 1659Salkeld , Burseyes 1674ib , Bushey Stool Fm , Bushy Down 1811 OS, Pusseys Down 1829EnclA , Bussey Stool Ho , Busseys Down 1839TA , Busseystool walk 1869 Hutch3, named from the family of Roger Burcy 1327SR , 1332 SR, John Busse 1664 HTax, v. walk (this was one of the 'walks' of Cranborne Chase supra ), dūn . Stool is apparently from stōl 'stool, seat; tree-stump, etc'; the precise significance is not clear, but on the possible analogy of the nearby Sedge Oak Coppice in Ashmore par. supra , perhaps 'commode, privy' (from 1501 NED). However Dr Gelling points out that stōl may have been used of 'a flat-topped hill', the possible sense of this el. in Stoulton Wo.